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I am Stephanie Lim and I am passionate about supporting women to be at their best at different stages of their lives.


My career started in the IT industry and I have worked for various MNCs for over 20 years. In my career, I was always a high-flyer and people often describe me as high-performing and full of energy. However, something just did not feel right. I did not know what was wrong at that time.


After 11 years in the industry, I had the privilege to work for an organization that focuses on women talents. I started participating in coaching and mentoring programs for women. While interacting with other women, I started to realize that most of us have the same struggles around balancing family and work commitments.


We are so absorbed in our day-to-day life that we have never stopped to acknowledge what we have achieved. We have such high expectations of ourselves that we think that by giving more and more to people around us, we are “a good mum, wife, daughter, daughter in law and employee”. As time passes, we forget about ourselves.


After interacting with more and more women, something sparked in me one day “I finally know what is wrong with me. I have totally forgotten about where my passion lies. I was so engrossed in ensuring the well-being of my family and the results I had to achieve in my corporate life. I have totally lost my life purpose and I need to do something about it!”


This led me to start a series of personal development work on myself. As I start seeing changes in my life, I am more determined to share with others. I decided this is the right time to start my journey towards my passion and WMPOWERMENT COACHING is born.


I value living an empowered life with purpose and meaning.


Life is too short. Let us enjoy it to the fullest.


If I can do it, so can you!

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