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4 steps to kick start your self-discovery journey

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Do you truly understand yourself and know what you want in your life? Do you always understand the feelings you feel about situations and people you encounter in your life? Are you always decisive in decision making?

If your answer is Yes to all, this article is not for you. If your answer is No, read on to find out more!

The 4 steps to kick start your self-discovery journey are to explore:

  1. Your Defining Moments

  2. Your Beliefs

  3. Your Values

  4. Your Rules

Try doing the following exercise:

  1. What are your defining moments?

  2. What are your beliefs formed from your defining moments?

  3. What are your values in life? (Not sure of what values are? Do a search for "Values in life" to get some ideas.)

  4. After you have identified your values, think of the rules which are required to meet your values. Questions to ask would :

  • What needs to happen for you to feel that your values are met?

  • Are you in full control of the rules or dependent on others to fulfill the rules?

  • Are there any limiting beliefs in your rules?

Sharing my self-discovery journey:

One of my defining moments was when a friend in Secondary School said "Do you know you are just a Plain Jane? I have no idea why guys talk to you and not to me."

That formed a belief that "I am ugly". This belief did not serve me well in my life. I then turned to material things to make myself feel "pretty". It was after I started my personal development work and talked to my coach that I started to change this belief.

With my coach, I started to explore my values in life as well. My top values are authenticity, integrity and giving.

After understanding my values, my rules are as follows:

  • I thrive in environments where I can be my authentic self (being able to say how I feel without thinking what others think and being vulnerable)

  • Integrity is for me to keep to promises and stay committed. I expect the same from others as well.

  • Giving is having opportunities for me to help others or even just buying a present to cheer someone up.

Rules help me to make more conscious decisions. They also help me to understand why I reacted strongly in certain situations. As I become more conscious of my emotions, I am able to manage them better.

This is my self-discovery journey. How about you? Did you discover more about yourself?

Do feel free to book a slot with me via to explore further. I am happy to be your partner in this self-discovery journey!

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