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"Before I met Coach Steph, I suffer so much in silence from being left alone with anxiety, confusion, anger, sadness, and depression. Asking for help was never my thing, but what could you lose talking to someone who could possibly help you as all I have been losing is myself.


I had a live video chat session with Coach Steph for the first time. With her warm smile and soft voice, she has made me feel comfortable right away. We started talking with self introductions and it went on from there. Steph is a very good listener, she patiently listened to me as i talk about my problems without any interruptions. She made me feel accepted and heard regardless of what I thought could be right or could sound crazy.


Steph is very understanding, you don't feel like getting judged as you talk to her. She has helped me dig deeper and unfolded what it was that my heart really desired to continue living my life, to find my purpose, and to be happy again. Her guidance was simple and easy enough to follow and practice. What you should be expecting from the therapy doesn't have to be a big sudden change right away and you can totally work on it at your own pace.


I was enlightened by the end of our first session. Who knows talking to a stranger could change my whole perspectives and outlooks towards the world in a positive way. It definitely takes someone with compassion and understanding for others to do that. I am forever grateful for that one hour session I had with Coach Steph. It's a life changing point for me. Thank you so much, Steph! You have a heart of gold!" - Jasmine Lee

"Coaching is one of those things that I didn't know I needed. When I started talking to Steph, I had anxiety, social and sleeping issues.


Steph has helped me on this personal journey to understand the root cause and get out of the pit I was in. I felt heard, seen, and at times given pills that were hard to swallow. But after each session, I slowly become more confident, and I'm able to see a clear path for myself.


By the end of the sessions, I felt that coaching is an invaluable gift to my female friends and family to help them overcome self-doubts and be more confident to achieve their life goals." - Yvonne Sim


"Before I started my coaching sessions, I was overwhelmed by negativity. It affected my personal well-being. I was afraid to ask for help initially.


I'm so glad I took the first step out and spoke to Stephanie on how coaching can help me. Stephanie has helped me to see things from a different perspective. She is a great listener and seeks to understand and empathize. She knows when to listen, when to challenge and share with me her observations.


She made me feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts. I love the techniques she has taught, they are relevant and practical. I can start practicing those techniques immediately after our coaching sessions. I definitely feel more confident, empowered to become the best version of myself and think positively after my sessions with her." - Tricia Tan

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